Close Looking: Olivia Laing on David Wojnarowicz

Festival 2018

Close Looking: Olivia Laing on David Wojnarowicz

  • Thursday, September 13
  • 12:30 PM
  • Yale University Art Gallery
  • 1111 Chapel Street
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In her recent book The Lonely City, Olivia Lang explores urban loneliness by way of art, taking up as one of her subjects the American artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz. Poet and critic Richard Deming engages Laing in a discussion of Wojnarowicz’s 1987 painting When You the Invisible Cowboy.

Winner of the Berlin Prize in 2012, Richard Deming is a poet and a theorist whose work explores the intersections of poetry, philosophy, and visual culture. His first collection of poems Let’s Not Call It Consequence received the 2009 Norma Farber Award from the Poetry Society of America. His new book of poems, Day for Night, appeared in 2016. His most recent book is a critical study, Art of the Ordinary: The Everyday Domain of Art, Film, Philosophy, and Poetry, from Cornell University Press. He teaches at Yale and is the Director of Creative Writing.

Co-sponsor: Yale Creative Writing, Yale University Art Gallery