• 2016 Windham-Campbell Prize Recipients

    (L to R) Hilton Als, Abbie Spallen, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Tessa Hadley, C. E. Morgan, Jerry Pinto, Helen Garner, Hannah Moscovitch, Stanley Crouch


2016 Festival

Patti Smith: Devotion

Patti Smith delivers the 2016 Windham-Campbell Lecture. “Devotion,” an expanded version of the lecture, will be published by Yale University Press in 2017.

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Cathedrals of the Imagination

Borges famously said that he imagined paradise to be a kind of library. Many writers would agree. Yale Press Director and NHFPL Board Member John Donatich talks to novelists C. E. Morgan, Jerry Pinto, and Tessa Hadley about the role that libraries have played in the development of their imaginative work.

Co-sponsored by the New Haven Free Public Library and Yale University Press.

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Hilton Als: James Baldwin in the 21st Century

Hilton Als and Professor Jacqueline Goldsby discuss the legacy of one of our most significant and complicated authors in post-Civil Rights, post-Ferguson, almost post-Obama America.

Co-sponsored by the Department of African American Studies and the Whitney Humanities Center.

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Good Girls, Bad Girls, White Girls, and Clever Girls

Resisting fixed identities is at the heart of creative endeavor. This might be especially true of gender. Professor Amy Hungerford talks to Hilton Als, Helen Garner, and Tessa Hadley about how this resistance comes to shape the work of the writer.

Co-sponsored by the New Haven Free Public Library and the Department of English.

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Hilton Als

Prize recipient Hilton Als reads from an unpublished essay at the 2016 festival. 

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Stanley Crouch

Prize recipient Stanley Crouch reads from the unpublished second volume of his Charlie Parker biography at the 2016 festival. 

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Helen Garner

Prize recipient Helen Garner reads from her essay “The Insults of Age” at the 2016 festival. 

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Tessa Hadley

Prize recipient Tessa Hadley reads from her short story “Dido's Lament,” which first appeared in the August 8 & 15, 2016 issue of The New Yorker

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Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins reads from his new play Everybody at the 2016 festival. 

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C. E. Morgan

Prize recipient C. E. Morgan reads from her novel The Sport of Kings at the 2016 festival. 

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