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Dear Reader,

You may have heard the news that Windham-Campbell Prize recipient Jackie Sibblies-Drury received a Pulitzer Prize this week, for her play Fairview! We couldn’t be more thrilled. She also won the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize earlier this spring and according to the New York Times, Fairview is on its way to new audiences in Brooklyn and London.

We’re still over the moon with delight and gratitude for the global coverage of our 2019 Prize announcement, live from London, last month. Highlights include the BBC, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, and the Hindustan Times.

Join us in New Haven in September to meet all of the 2019 Prize recipients and participate in an international literary festival exploring the themes and ideas that animate their work and stimulating new exchanges. This year’s “Why I Write” keynote, always free and open to the public, will be delivered by Eileen Myles.

Helon Habila’s new novel, Travelers, is highly anticipated, and will be published next month by W. W. Norton. Lisa Ko says the book is “urgent, deeply empathetic, and resisting easy answers… . Habila is a masterful storyteller, and this novel a riveting testament to the power of fiction. Look for it next time you’re at your favorite bookstore.”

We’ll be back next month with a spotlight on festivals and Prize director Michael Kelleher’s diary from the Sydney Writers' Festival.

Wishing you all good things,

Your friends at the Windham-Campbell Prizes